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Wouter Bijl,

Dear Abacats,

If we want to continue to build our great community will need to provide you with some information regarding our Telegram. However, so that we dont cluther the chat itself, we like to do so here!

?Who are we?

Check out the homepage HERE, but dont forget out blog HERE which has a lot of additional information! Also, please join our Telegram Annoucements channel for news updates HERE.

⛔️Look out for scammers❗️

We will never contact you directly and ask for your private keys or ask you to transfer tokens. Our official website is When in doubt ask in our official channels (Telegram) or contact us via the form on the website. See the team section HERE for our team & ambassadors. Report anyone contacting you directly for sales as spam.

?Telegram Rules:
1) No vulgarities, profanity and rudeness
2) No discriminatory, hateful/explicit content
3) No speculations on crypto market/campaign
4) No spam – including airdrops
5) No advertising of company services
6) No posting of any links and ether addresses
7) No disclosure of private contact details

?Telegram Mods:

?Daily Quiz Rules

  • First of all, the intent of having this quiz is to keep the community engaged and for ABACAS to learn more about our members.
  • Winners will not be chosen “randomly” but picked/selected by moderators and team members.
  • Don’t copy paste answers, only if you feel the same about a previous given answer.
  • The reward is 2 tokens per winner.
  • Each person has the right to answer only once.
  • Submit your answer as a reply to this message, here in the chat.
  • Considering the difference in time zones, we have set a deadline to allow members to participate in the quiz. The time frame to answer the question is from the moment of posting until 48 hours later.
  • Remember, answers must be authentic, no copy/paste will be accepted. Stick as close as possible to the question and don’t add too much unnecessary information. Opening a dialogue is always welcome of course!
  • ABACAS reserves the right to stop the daily quiz at any time we see fit. Winners announced in the past however will recieve their rewards.

Winners from the previous days can be found HERE.

For the daily quiz winners, we will need to get your ERC20 token addresses to transfer tokens! So if you won and have not send your public address,  please send your PUBLIC address to Gabby (@Gabchuks ) via DM. Make sure its not a exchange wallet! And please make sure you are not effected by a copy/paste mallware or something 🙂 do a good check!

We won’t distribute tokens each month, the team will select times & dates to send out tokens. There is a pay out threshold of 25 tokens.

If you do not send us your ERC20 token address, we can not transfer your tokens, so don’t forget :).

?Token Distribution
-Bounty token distribution has commenced. Check your wallets and confirm you received your tokens respectively.

For questions and support about distribution contact @Bounty0xSupport
-Last daily quiz winners have been paid. winners processed under old rules untill 17-8-2018. (Note: new pay-outs wont be done till threshold of 25 tokens has been reached!)

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