Bi-Weekly Update 8.

Written by

Wouter Bijl,


Welcome to bi-weekly # 8. I’m afraid since our dedicated community writer Robert is not available at this time due to personal reasons, you’re going to have to do with me for now! (btw, he is just moving to a new house, no worries ?)

I like to keep this bi-weekly short and snappy, Rob will be back for the next one and you will see a bi-weekly more like your used to!

Couple of short updates…

Mark has been at the Wolves Summit and had a good time, ill attach a couple photo’s below. He made contact with several potential partners and did very good work networking. Hopefully in the next couple bi-weekly’s will see results of this great work done by Mark.

Furthermore we’ve been hard at work at arranging the announcements of more partners coming weeks and sorting out all these details. Keep a close eye on our social media for more information.

There are a lot of moving pieces at the moment, none of which are yet in a place to make public though, but rest assured that we are making great progress. Both the development section of the house as the operational side been doing great.

I’ve received very much feedback from our community, even though I might not reply to all, be sure that I read all and appreciate it a lot! Keep up the feedback guys, it does mean a lot to the team and helps!

Till next time,


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