Bi-Weekly Update 7

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Robert Schmidt,

This is AbacasXchange bi-weekly newsletter number seven. For this one, I will start with something which might look like a little bit off topic. I’m talking about number 7.  There are so many things you can say about numbers, but I found something which is fitting perfectly to our actual development status at Abacas:

„Number 7 tells of a beneficial time with obstacles overcome and successes realised.“

We are in very beneficial times with Abacas right now, looking at the talks we have with promising partners and the upcoming Wolfs Summit where Mark will be in attendance. I wrote about this in the last newsletter. One could argue that the big obstacle to overcome is the continuous crypto market sentiment which is still in a downward spiral. Nevertheless, often a big cleanup helps to achieve new goals, we all know that from the personal growth point of view. The whole crypto universe needs this urgently.

We instead are climbing forward and reaching milestone after milestone and with every step realising our way to success which we were already walking from the beginning.

Our MVP is being released prior the end of next week. A „Minimally Viable Product“ as the name implies is the minimum working features to demonstrate end-to-end functionality. We have two modules that have been integrated into the system framework with MVP.  These modules are authentication and streaming data.

The whole team is persistent in its preparation for the Wolves Summit, and we all are looking forward to this amazing gathering. 

I already mentioned the finishing steps of our MVP development, and with all the hard work which is continually pouring into that area, we’re confident saying that our AbacasXchange is on its way to becoming the most powerful and unique exchange in the financial markets of the future.   

Our next bi-weekly newsletter will include a summary of the Wolves Summit and an outlook for the month of November.

Have a great time all.


Best regards,


Robert Schmidt

Abacas Ambassador Content Writer

Abacas Digital Assets Ltd
Email: [email protected]
Telegram: @xMenhir  

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