Bi-Weekly Update 2. 05-Aug-2018

Written by
Robert Schmidt,
Bi-Weekly 2

The first news is that Abacas has been announced as 1 of the top 4 startups by StartUpTV. Follow this link to the short article (originally in German language).

Startup TV Abacas Article (German)

Startup TV entire list of chosen startups (German)

Startup TV Abacas Article (English)

I’m happy to announce the arrival of a couple new Abacas Ambassadors last week. The growth of the ambassador team follows the plan to create an effective Abacas community in the near future. The ambassadors are those who take responsible tasks in their hands and help to move Abacas forward into the awareness of the blockchain universe.

As some of you might be aware of, there is an issue with the twitter bounty on the bounty0x Platform. If you face any problem, please write an Email to their support team at [email protected] .

We will have the final bounty update in our next bi-weekly.

Furthermore, our extended ICO will end soon and the rewards for the Bounty program will be distributed in the near future. We are working on collecting the bounties from all different sources and are at an estimated 70% right now. Once all information is processed we will announce a date as soon as possible for distribution!

We hope the Twitter issue will be sorted soon by Bounty0x.

Finally we have an update from our software development department:

Alpha 1 development is complete (!), and there are just two more modules to complete before our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is ready!

More info to follow soon!

We wish all of you a fanatastic time.

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