Advisor Interview Series PART I; Adam Mezhvinsky.

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Robert Schmidt,

Hello Adam, we are delighted to have you join our advisory team and bring your experience as Co-Founder and COO of Invox Finance to our project. Everyone here at Abacas wishes you a warm welcome. To kick things our readers would love to hear about how you got started in the blockchain space.

  • Thanks Robert, it’s great to be advising such a fantastic group of people. I first got involved in blockchain during my university days. I was studying a double degree in law and finance and was introduced to blockchain after reading an article about the future of money and economic systems. I started out learning about BTC and ETH and loved what I saw so much that I told some friends and we started to follow crypto together.  But what got me deeply involved is mainly thanks to the half a decade I spent at ABR Finance as a Data Analyst. We were working to improve our invoice financing systems and I realised that blockchain provided solutions to the problems we wanted to solve and I started seriously researching blockchain solutions. I began work on a white paper not long after, and before I knew it Invox Finance was born!

Being an advisor is all about sharing your experiences with the team and helping guide a company in the right direction. What would you say is the most important thing to remember when setting out to start a company or develop a product?

  • I’d say it mainly comes down to the execution. While it is crucial to plan out your idea, test the market, and gather resources, it won’t matter if you aren’t ready, or don’t have the means, to execute. This sounds simple, and it can be, but it requires passion, dedicate, and hard work. Often you’ll find that you end up somewhere different than you originally planned, and this is ok. However, you need to always be moving forward, learning from your mistakes, and managing your resources to be able to keep executing. I love what I do, and nothing makes me more excited than getting things done and achieving our goals. The nature of the crypto space right now is that there are not enough projects actually being completed.  There are far too many people flying around the world talking at events, and not enough people sitting down and coding solutions. This should change over time as the space matures.

We couldn’t agree more Adam. So why were you interested in advising AbacasXchange?

  • This ties in with my previous answer. I’ve had several conversations with Mark VanRoon, your Co-Founder and Head of Product Development, and I can see that he is the type of guy who can execute a project. I feel we are likeminded, and under his leadership I can see Abacas is delivering a quality product and growing quickly. Outside of this I also believe that the platform your team is creating is one that will create value for the market, and this is why Invox Finance as a company has also partnered with AbacasXchange. As I’m all for collaboration and growing the blockchain space so this partnership was a no brainer.

So how do you think blockchain technology will progress and grow?

  • In my opinion, there is only one way this will happen and that is through the mass adoption of the technology. We need normal everyday people, and small to medium sized businesses, to be adopting blockchain technology, not just the big corporations. For this to happen we need  blockchain tech to be incorporated into products and services that are used daily by millions of people. We’re getting there, but we still have a long way to go. My mum may know what bitcoin is, but she’s not making a transaction any time soon.  But she can send an email without understanding what servers are or how they operate, so that just shows that people don’t need to understand the tech their using in order to be able to use it. It’s an often-used example but a good reminder that it is still early days.

I guess I should start teaching my parents then! Before we wrap up, what do you personally wish to see in this space over the next 10 -15 years?

  • I would like to see a lot more projects that do what they’ve promised to and provide real value to their users. As a community we need to reward and back the projects that deliver on their promises, as this is the only way we will get mass adoption – through applications, products and services that are used. Looking at, as of today there are just over 2,000 Dapps, around 50,000 active daily Dapp users, and over 2,000,000 transactions daily via Dapps. While I understand that this might not be capturing all of the data, I hope to see a significant increase in these numbers over the next decade, especially in active users, which should be in the tens of millions per day. For this to happen we need more solutions solving real world problems with blockchain technology, like Abacas and Invox!

Thank you for your time Adam, it’s been great chatting with you and I’m sure we’ll be hearing more for you as we develop our platform.

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