Abacas Ambassador Program.

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Wouter Bijl,

Dear Abacats!

As hinted in my last blog…… Let me present to you my vision for this community;

The AbacasXchange Ambassador program. (aXa)

Since the community userbase is growing rapidly each day, why not engage the active and loyal members with tasks they feel comfortable with and are good at? This way the community itself can help out in way’s we might not even have thought off yet!

We envision community members with all sorts of jobs;

· Graphic Designers,

· Social media moderators,

· Content creators (both written article’s, video’s, picture’s and advertisement’s),

· Brainstorm sessions,

· Investor seekers,

· Community ideabox managers and probably a lot we haven’t even thought of yet.

At Abacas we understand that there is no such thing as a free lunch, so community members involved with this project will receive some form of payment. How much will depend entirely on the job, experience and loyalty towards the project. At first you might start as a volunteer, in time earning your position and earning payment in ABCS Tokens! We are looking for active and loyal community members to join us as Ambassadors, so these qualities will be rewarded!

First 3 ambassador jobs will have our priority starting up the program.

How is this different then from a normal bounty program? Well, we are not looking for bounty-hunters, instead we want to have dedicated long term ambassadors who feel like making a change in this market!

You will become an extension of our team, we will have brainstorm sessions together, we will push updates to the ambassadors as soon as possible so they can help push the message out to the public, etc.


· Are you in this for the long run, like we are?

· Do you have something to bring to the table being experience in your field, or no experience but just a lot of energy and eagerness to work?

· You’re comfortable self-steering your work, looking for solutions instead of problems, from a location to your choosing, at your own hours but are comfortable with deadlines?

· Do you feel like a true Abacas ambassador or see yourself becoming one?

Then don’t hesitate and sign up with us straight away: Here. I will review all submissions personally and make sure you are a good fit with the rest of the team. So please bear with me, I will get back to you ASAP.

As stated before, we are always open to idea’s and feedback. One thing on my to-do list is build an community feedback & ideabox form on the website, until then, feel free to contact me on telegram.

Looking forward to making this community the greatest of them all with the help of the new ambassadors!

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