Abacas eliminates complexity and cost by offering an ethically-constructed, compliant, direct asset for asset exchange for all financial assets. These assets could be from any asset class! For example art like a Van Gogh or Picasso, precious metals like Gold or Platinum, equities like AAPL or BT, cryptocurrencies, real estate, collectibles etc.

We will trade it all, everywhere, 24/7.

Our Vision.

Open & Transparent.

Any Asset, Anywhere, Anytime.

Honest and Ethical.


Security & Transparency are in our DNA! We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of security while openly auditing the three Abacas pillars; Exchange, Blockchain & Safekeeping/Custody.


By leveraging the blockchain the Abacas exchange allows customers to trade    Any Asset, Anywhere, Anytime! No more exchange closures; no more BTC-only pairing and improved liquidity.



Exchanges have been gaming their clients for too long. Isn’t it time for an Honest and Ethical Xchange. By publishing the order management process, Abacas is fully transparent to the community.



Problem vs Solution.

What issues do we solve.

Fees, Fees and more Fees

The model is simple. By trading assets DIRECTLY, we can eliminate many transactions fees where, currently, intermediaries extract value from the investor or the asset supplier.

With Abacas you can buy stocks using gold in one transaction.

This will save our clients in excess of 50% in trading & transaction fees.

Currently, it takes a minimum of 3 transactions and fees to exchange gold for UK stocks. To put the savings in context, FX transaction fees alone amount to excess of 4.5 Trillion USD* per year globally! An extra 2.250T USD back in the pocket of investors each year! Yes… that is Trillion with a T.

Full Transparency, No Gaming

Abacas is an ethical, transparent exchange; mitigating gaming, preferential treatment and conflicts of interest – things that plague the current exchange models.

Last year alone, banks were fined in excess of 321B USD for bad behaviour. Quasi-regulated crypto exchanges are extracting billions from investors. High Frequency Trading firms have extracted in excess of 24B USD since 2009. All of this money comes out of the pockets of investors. Billions and Billions… An ethical exchange is long overdue.

The Abacas order management process is transparent to the community.

Abacas transactions are posted on a public ledger and can be viewed by anyone.

Abacas is regulated, audited & transparent in every way possible!

Abacas Liquidity - Nearly Unlimited

Trading on the AbacasXchange is performed by the direct peer-to-peer exchange of asset pairs. Liquidity and thus price discovery are determined by both direct asset pair trading, and indirectly through the chaining of asset pair orders to form a liquidity link through gateway assets.

Using a proprietary combination of graph theory and neural networks, the liquidity engine identifies Gateway Assets that serve as alternatives to fiat currency. While some assets such as BTC and ETH are obvious candidates for Gateway Assets, there are infinite assets such as gold that can form a liquidity link between assets outside the core.

Using Gateway Assets, the AbacasXchange forms liquidity chains between three or more assets to connect and form a price between two assets that may not exist otherwise.

Any Asset, Anywhere, Anytime

The AbacasXchange allows for the trading of any asset that can be represented as an Abacas Tokenized Asset.

An Abacas token represents the meta-data that defines all the relevant characteristics of the asset: asset type, proof of asset, provenance and history. A token is either “Fulfilled by Abacas” or “Fulfilled by ClientName”.

An “Fulfilled by Abacas” @token implies the asset token is fully verified by the Abacas Protocol which assures the buyer that all aspects of the Abacas Protocol are applied and validated.

The AbacasXchange also provides for the trading of asset tokens that are not fully verified by the Abacas Protocol. Just as Amazon provides items fulfilled by Amazon, and other items provided directly by the merchant. The AbacasXchange provides digital asset tokens that are fulfilled by the AbacasXchange (@token) and other assets where the fulfilment is with the party selling the asset on the exchange (Fulfilled by ClientName).

The power of the AbacasXchange is 24/7 availability. Microsoft Azure cloud based, decentralized, blockchain, ABACAS protocol and much more, 24/7…

Security & Keys

Security is one of Abacas Key Values.

Abacas has created a key management framework that is both compliant, pseudo-autonomous, and secure. In reviewing key storage with regulators and counsel, two things were obvious…

1. Lost keys cannot result in the forfeiture of an asset (as is the case with bitcoin).

2. Abacas never holds the asset directly, preventing any conflicts of interest and mitigating client risk.

Abacas has struck the ideal balance by creating a unique key structure that blends the best of both worlds – distributed and outsourced; compliant and secure.

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We live in a world where our attention is divided into progressively thinner wafers. Simplicity, Speed and Security drive innovation at AbacasXchange – Any Asset, Anywhere, Anytime.

-Mark VanRoon.

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