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Marketplace Made Easy!

Marketplace Made Easy!

We know how difficult it is to launch a new marketplace. The AX is a unique marketplace experience in which products and assets can commingle seamlessly in a single application. If you have a marketplace that you wish to commercialize and operate, contact us today! AX offers new ways to receive value for your product or asset.

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Exchange Made Easy!

Have a New BizModel? Trying to get to market? Partner with AX to build your exchange or create touchpoints into a series of integrated marketplaces-exchanges. Assets and/or products in a single spot. You control the throttles to best meet your business needs.

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Exchange Made Easy!

Integrated or Independent

Whether you operate an exchange and wish to benefit from interconnected asset pools or you prefer to operate your  marketplace independently, AX can create the exact environment to meet your needs. As your partner, we help you grow!


Limitless Opportunities

As business evolves, fewer and fewer middle men will get between the seller and the buyer. Position yourself today to be ready for tomorrow!

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Limitless Opportunities

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Abacas is your perfect partner. We invest resources to support your marketplace while you build your revenues.


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