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Wouter Bijl,

We are very proud to have been selected by as a TOP 10 Blockchain Start-up.

Our brand ambassador Stoyan did great work, be sure to check out his interview as well! See the article below:

Blockchain technology is changing the modern world. Most people noticed it when Bitcoin exploded in 2017. Even though it seems like an abstract idea, which can be difficult to understand, blockchain can be compared with the internet in the 90’s. When we start to look how can it be used, we see, that blockchain not just eliminates the need for trust but also opens the possibilities of potential development in business. StartupTV selected the TOP10 Blockchain startups, using this type of technology in the most innovative ways.

AbacasXchange is the first universal exchange using blockchain technology which allows you to trade, exchange or transfer any asset anywhere and anytime. “Nowadays, trading is mostly binary. You can choose to receive only EUR or only USD or only something else in exchange for the stock you are selling. AbacasXchange improves liquidity by Direct and Indirect trading and allows you to trade, exchange or transfer Any Asset Anywhere Anytime.” explained Stoyan Vlahovski, Community manager of Abacas.

You can find out more about the startup AbacasXchange in our article.

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