AbacasXchange and Invox Finance Partnership.

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Robert Schmidt,

We are proud to announce our partnership with Invox Finance a company which offers fragmented loans to help smaller businesses especially. Through our partnership with Invox Finance, our pool of assets is growing, and their fragmented loans are the next unique assets which join our unique AbacasXchange platform.

Invox Finance will be able to reduce the costs for small businesses by providing low-interest loans, by cutting several transaction fees through our assets directly and chaining transactions in real-time. Up to four extra fees can be cut out by facilitating direct asset for asset trades and asset-backed payments and through the AbacasXchange users can save up to 50% in trading and transaction fees.

Invox Finance is solving small business cash-flow problems with low-interest financing, and through the partnership with AbacasXchange, they will provide even better options for their clients.

This is what Mark VanRoon, Head of Product Development & Co-Founder of AbacasXchange had to say about the partnership with Invox Finance,

“The AbacasXchange has been very selective in determining with whom to partner. We have selected only those firms that can leverage the benefits of the AbacasXchange while offering mutual benefit that will enhance the user experience for the clients of both firms. Invox Finance has proven to be just such a firm. Their proven track record and vision show great promise and ingenuity. Invox and its clients will be able to leverage the benefits of the AbacasXchange through a partnership and an active working arrangement. Abacas represents an alternate source of liquidity for Invox clients while providing Abacas clients with a ready source of short and medium term capital.”

Adam Mezhvinsky, COO and Co-founder of Invox Finance was excited in exchange and said,

“We see this partnership is a win-win for our community as the AbacasXchange platform allows for a reduction in costs for both investors and sellers by both halving transaction costs and increasing liquidity. The AbacasXchange team are already executing their vision, and their ethos aligns directly with ours, to improve adoption through providing use and value.”

We’ll be keeping our communities updated on our work together, so be sure to keep an eye out for future announcements!

Please note that investment amounts within this article are based on the value of the investments at the time they were received and that the value fluctuates (depending on market forces and liquidity) as the contributions have been made in different cryptocurrencies / tokens issued by our strategic partners.

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