Founder update 1, 9-MAY-2019

Written by

Mark VanRoon,

Hiya Abacats!

This will be the first of intermittent updates to keep the community informed of our progress. As you know we have been stealth, working to create visibility for the AX application and to connect to our partners. We originally built the cloud functionality around MS service fabric and made the hard choice early rather than later to convert to kubernetes. This took a little extra time but we believe it will provide us a longer term, more robust, better supported architecture. That said, we have been porting services to the cloud and have begun in earnest connecting the services. In the meantime, we have been working with our partners to connect the backoffice components necessary to bring us live. For clarity, this means we are executing in two workstreams. One is the working software using testnet to provide connection such that the first users may have the experience of the software in an Alpha/Beta environment. The other is the functional software which requires live connections to suppliers and data streams. We expect the Rate Manager to be live by the time I update you again within the next 4-7 days. Exciting times. Please feel free to share.

Warmest regards, Mark VanRoon, Founder and the “Wearer of Multiple Hats”.

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