This is our fully packed third ABACAS bi-weekly newsletter.

Written by

Robert Schmidt,

I will cover many points today, so please take your time and enjoy the development of our fantastic ABACASXCHANGE.

Everyone is eager to hear about one topic first.

When will the Smart Contract deployment and payout of bounty’s start?

I have good news. The Smart Contract is being deployed to the live network on Monday the 20th of August. We have to run a few final tests in the coming week, and after those being successful, we will continue with the payout as soon as possible. This includes all ABCS tokens owed including Pre-ICO buys, all bounty’s & daily question winners! We hope this will happen at the end of next week, but security and proper deployment of Smart Contract is our main priority.

Secondly, I can tell you that the interview with Mark VanRoon, one of the two ABACAS founders is almost ready to be published. The best part of it is that some of you delivered valuable questions and he was delighted to answer them. You will find the interview, which is the first of our “ABACAS founders interview series”, very soon on our Medium and on our Social Media platforms.

We are currently also updating the roadmap to show you the proper timeline. The updated version will have all actions post launch included.

I’m glad to tell you that the ABACAS team is working hard on updating the website.
If you find any bugs, have tips regarding the website or possible information you would add please fill in the contact form, and we will gladly look at them. If there are any topics, you are still missing drop us a hint in the idea box. Thank you for your help, we appreciate it.

If things are running smoothly, you will see our website very soon in new clothes. This could happen in the coming week but at least before our next bi-weekly newsletter hits your mailbox.

As already mentioned we are looking for feedback from all of you. We did launch our new idea/feedback box and would like to invite you to use. Your feedback is precious to us, as ABACAS is as open-minded and progressive as possible. I will monitor your tips and hints and will separate the spam from those with value. I might create a monthly analysis of those and present them in a separate newsletter with ideas from us, when and how we will come up with solutions.

ABACAS is open to your feedback.

For all those who are not yet a part of our telegram group, I urge you to join us there. We are a very mature group and collectively create a true blockchain/crypto community. Our daily question quiz with prices to win every day is already reaching back months. Please join us and contribute to our growing community.

Like always I want to give you an update from Vince who is the head of our development team and the second founder of ABACAS, as you already know.

At the moment, we are progressing from Alpha to an MVP. An MVP (Minimally Viable Product) as the name implies is the minimum working features to demonstrate end-to-end functionality.
We have two modules that need to be integrated into the system framework before we reach MVP. These modules are authentication and streaming data. Both technologies have already been developed and tested on the platform but not yet integrated into the entire system framework. More info to follow soon!

We wish all of you two fantastic weeks.

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