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Robert Schmidt,

… newsletter and with this one we are closing into the final chapter of 2018. There will be only two more newsletters coming out in 2018, and hopefully, I can present you with many more exciting topics, until we head into the promising next year. So let’s start with what happened in the last two weeks:

As you all read in the previous newsletter, Mark attended the Wolves Summit in Warsaw Poland, and his presence there already bears fruit. Abacas has now agreed on pilots with Korporatio and GemVault. Korporatio ( is the world’s first smart company on the blockchain. The press release for this new exciting partnership is coming out very soon, look out for it on our blog and social platforms.

GemVault ( presents itself as a truly global marketplace for precious stones. You can imagine that we at Abacas as the promised exchange where you can trade ANY asset all the time at any place, are very excited about the partnerships we are securing at this early stage.

In addition to the massive networking success, we received the highest rating for a startup at our stage during our 2-day due diligence during the Wolves Summit.

We agreed on a partnership with Texne, a global blockchain search engine initiative redesigning and redefining search in the blockchain era many others are yet to be announced. Everything is moving very fast right now, and we swim with it.

In the development department, the UI of the AbacasXchange is getting into shape, and we are now working APIs and blockchain connections for integrations. As you can imagine those topics cannot be discussed in further detail until they are ready to be presented and so I have to leave you with those teasers.

We are excited to welcome Invox CEO Adam Mezhvinsky as an advisor for Abacas and are pleased that another new advisor/custodian will join us shortly. Our team is growing stronger with every week passing.

With our next bi-weekly newsletter we will venture in the last month of this year until then I wish every one of you two fantastic weeks.

Best regards,

Robert Schmidt
Abacas Ambassador Content Writer

Abacas Digital Assets Ltd
Email: [email protected]
Telegram: @xMenhir

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